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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision

To provide a sustainable veterinary resource to help animals all over the world, where veterinary aid and assistance is limited due to the expense and availability in the country they are based.

Our mission

To champion animal welfare and to treat animals in places where no one else will.

Our values

The values of WVS are at the heart of what we do, they are:

  • Passionate – Everything we do is about the welfare of animals and our work is inspired by the needs of animals.
  • Impactful – It is vital that our work and everything that we do has a strong impact.
  • Positive – We pride ourselves on a positive and proactive response.
  • Inspiring – We are inspiring and aim to inspire our supporters, fundraisers, volunteers, staff and partners.
  • Integrity – We have high integrity and WVS is associated with reliable and results-focused work. Integrity is vital to building and maintaining trust and good relationships with our supporters, partners and volunteers.
  • Value – We value our supporters, staff, volunteers and our partners.
  • Educators – We pride ourselves on working with local communities with the aim to educate, promote and produce long-term sustainable projects to the benefit of local animal and human populations.
  • Innovators – We always want to innovate (whilst inspiring) and our aim is to always stay one step ahead.