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WVS Australia

WVS trains vets at our International Training Centres in India and Thailand with the aim of promoting a united veterinary profession by training vets and helping animals worldwide. Now Australian vet schools can get involved too...

Since 2015, our surgical courses have welcomed vet students from Australian Universities and Veterinary Schools to improve their skills and help put their studies into practice. We are delighted to have close working relationships with these institutions and are now looking to take this collaboration even further. Our student rep scheme has proved popular amongst UK and European veterinary schools, engaging students in presentations and fundraising events and promoting our courses their peers. Now we're looking for Australian representatives to join the WVS team! Contact [email protected] for full details.

WVS has also worked closely with Professors and veterinary experts in various fields of animal welfare and medicine from schools across Australia, welcoming them to our project sites and promoting the welfare of animals throughout the South Pacific and Asian regions. 

The University of Melbourne Graduate House, has nominated WVS as their charity of choice for 2017.