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By supporting our WVS appeals you will be championing animal welfare around the world.

WVS are currently running these appeals to help with specific projects and important areas of animal welfare in places that are lacking veterinary care. 

With your support, we can help working donkeys in India, we can treat dogs who wouldn't necessarily receive veterinary treatment, and we can provide vital emergency response for animals that have been affected by natural disasters or other life-changing situations. Our biggest appeal for 2018 is the campaign to fundraise for two lifesaving lasers for our Indian training centres. This innovative technology will allow our veterinary teams to treat animals without the need for invasive surgery and will help significantly speed up recovery time for our patients. 

We are passionate about the work we do, but we can't do it alone. We rely on our amazing supporters and volunteers who help us to provide essential veterinary care to thousands of animals across the globe. Please help us reach even more animals in need of veterinary treatment. Why? Because every animal matters!

Life-saving Lasers

We’re excited to be launching our Spring Appeal: Purchasing an incredible laser for each of our two Indian Training...

Thai Shelter Appeal

We're extremely grateful to announce that the Foundation Marchig has pledged to help us purchase our shelter in Thailand.


WVS Parcel Appeal

Help WVS send veterinary supplies to animals in need all around the world. We are championing animal welfare worldwide.

Other ways you can help


WVS are working all over the world on veterinary projects with community-wide impact.

"Animal welfare matters.
Let’s be the difference."

- Luke Gamble, WVS Founder