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Doughnuts for Donkeys


That’s right - a doughnut really can save a donkey’s life.

Donkeys are vital to people all over the world. They carry food, fuel, goods and enable families to survive. However, without veterinary care, they suffer terribly. We want to change that.

In Bukombe, Tanzania, donkeys pull carts full of bricks and sand. They work in searing heat for extremely long hours, seven days a week. The yokes used to attach the carts are made from carved pieces of wood. These rough wooden bars constantly press on the donkeys’ necks and cause terrible wounds, much to the distress of both the donkeys – and their owners.

The answer is simple - doughnuts. These padded fabric rings are attached to the wooden yoke, stopping it from rubbing on existing wounds and preventing new ones from forming. Such a simple idea, yet it can make such a huge impact. We want the donkeys of Bukombe to live a life free from suffering, but we can’t do it alone.

Help us change this. Their owners are desperate to keep their donkeys healthy, they just need to know how.

A pair of doughnuts costs only £4 to make. How much can you donate to help these donkeys?

Your generosity will be the difference to these donkeys and the people who rely on them for their livelihoods. Without us, they have no one.

Thank you for being the difference.

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How you can help

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