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Eradicating Parasites for Thai Community Dog

Fri 26th Apr 2019

At many of our project sites, dogs are not often seen as loving pets but animals that just roam the streets. Therefore, many of these free-roaming dogs are owned by the community rather than a specific household. Over the years, our Thailand centre has grown close relationships with people in the local community in Chiang Mai and many ‘dog aunties’ try their best to help care for and feed these animals on the streets. They help us find and treat as many animals in need as possible!

Heng Heng is just one of these community dogs who made her home near a local garage. One of the local dog aunties found her settled in a corner, suffering from chronic mange. She brought her to the WVS Thailand centre immediately for urgent treatment. 

On initial assessment, our vets got to work treating the parasites that were causing Heng Heng’s skin to deteriorate. After several weeks, the parasites were finally eradicated but Heng Heng’s journey with WVS is far from over. 

She will need continued treatment to help her damaged skin to full recover. Our veterinary team have been providing her with daily skin supplements and our amazing volunteers have been helping give her coconut oil treatments! The team are confident she will make a full recovery in a couple of months and be back to being a happy and healthy dog! 

If you would like to help us continue to provide the lengthy care required to save dogs like Heng Heng, please support us by giving just £4 a month. Your donations can mean the difference between life and death for a community dog like Heng Heng! Become a member today!