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Luke's June Update!

Wed 3rd Jul 2019

We’ve trained more than 500 vets and vet students over the last six months which is incredible! 

It’s been another action-packed month! We’ve smashed our six-month parcel target with 91 parcels being sent out this month alone. We’ve also had teams in Botswana and Armenia! 


The Hicks team have had an amazing month with over 500 birth control surgeries completed and over 500 other treatments performed!! They’ve also been pushing forward with adoption camps in the local area and rehomed 41 animals. 


Our working equine team ran their third course this month, which gave us an opportunity to care for horses in Mysore that are kept extremely busy during the tourist season. Thanks to WTG, who kindly donated funds for a microchip reader, they’ve also been able to assist with the microchipping of horses and ponies to help easily identify their owners in the future!


After my visit to Thailand last month, we’ve got an exciting new video to share with you featuring some of the team’s outreach work! The video really showcases all that the team have achieved and how much more we need to do!


The BSPCA clinic has had some interesting rescues this month with serval kittens and injured turkeys in addition to the large number of dogs that come through the doors. We’d also like to congratulate the 12 Malawian vet students who received hands-on surgical training at the BSPCA this month!

Other news

Young Vets Club is going from strength to strength and we are currently developing another school linking programme between schools in Blantyre, Malawi, and schools in Scotland!  We have a membership pack with loads of things for young vets to do over the summer holidays, so please visit the website to find out more!

There’s been so much going on in June – thank you for being a part of it!!