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SOUND x-ray gives Thai dog a second chance at life

Mon 2nd Sep 2019

Earlier this year, WVS Thailand was fortunate enough to receive a fully-equipped radiology suite courtesy of veterinary technologies company SOUND. The x-ray machine has already had a phenomenal impact for the animals at our centre and Nin was the very first patient to receive diagnostic support using this incredible equipment.

Nin is only a year old and arrived at our centre with a chronic non-reducible hip luxation (an incredibly severe dislocation). The equipment was a crucial tool in her diagnosis and treatment; it allowed our team to first confirm their diagnosis and then check the surgical result after performing a femoral head and neck osteotomy (cutting the bone to realign it) . 

This surgery was chosen as the most suitable course of action after attempting a close reduction without success. The osteotomy not only improved the function of her leg and prevented future dislocations, but will also prevent the development of long-term pain. The ability to x-ray Nin quickly and efficiently meant our team were able to operate much sooner, giving her the best chance of a full recovery. Without this new equipment, it is unlikely that Nin would have been able to retain the level of function in her leg that she now has. 

It was clear from the post-operative x-rays that the surgery was a success. Nin received daily physiotherapy to ensure a fast and complete rehabilitation and she is now back with her community. The use of the x-ray has been instrumental in Nin’s diagnosis and recovery, allowing our teams to confidently complete her physiotherapy and ensure Nin is a happy and healthy dog once more.

Thank you SOUND!