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Volunteer abroad with animal charity WVS and help champion animal welfare

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Welcome to our new website! To find what it means for us as a charity, and you as a supporter please read more about it here.

We need your help! There are many options for volunteers with a wide range of experience. Join one of our teams and be the difference in animal welfare, where it really counts.

From qualified vets, vet nurses and vet students to volunteers with no previous veterinary experience - we can use your skills. From dogs and cats to chimps to cheetahs, we offer a range of volunteering options where you can work with a variety of species. We welcome volunteers to join our teams and bring their energy and strength to our cause.

We also offer specific training projects for vet students and newly graduated vets, who are looking to gain practical experience in the field, as harnessing the idealism that fires them to become vets, empowers what we do and strengthens our recruitment options for the future!

Volunteer Veterinary Trips

Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital

Vets, Vet Nurses

The Pacific Animal Shelter and Hospital in Fiji are looking for experienced vets and nurses for a minimum of 2 weeks to volunteer in their busy animal hospital working with small animals performing routine surgeries and dealing with emergency cases as well as providing general treatments.

Uganda SPCA Need Vets & Nurses

Vets, Vet Nurses

The Uganda SPCA are looking for vets and nurses to volunteer throughout the year, with a minimum placement period of 2 weeks. The Uganda SPCA clinic is responsible for caring for the shelter’s 250 resident cats and dogs at any one time and they are in need of extra veterinary volunteers to help treating animals at the Kampala shelter, assisting with spay and neuter clinics and participating in community clinics.

Kitwe Animal Welfare Society

Vets, Vet Nurses

Kitwe Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) have been a supported charity of WVS since 2015. With very few veterinarians in the region, they are in desperate need of experienced vets and nurses (must have 3 years + post grad experience) to help in their busy clinic and dog shelter. Their goal is to protect animals against negligence, abuse and exploitation, and to promote responsible pet ownership.


Volunteers will be participating in sterilisations, other routine surgeries, health care checks, wound managment, vaccinations coupled with educating pet owners on responsible pet care and rabies prevention awareness. KAWS works tirelessly to help frightened, sick, abandoned and injured animals.

Donkey Health and Welfare Course

'Equine Skills and Competency' Camp - Tanzania

Vets, Vet Nurses, Vet Students

Master your 'Day-One' competency skills in equine medicine and surgery whilst experiencing the delights and challenges of a new culture in beautiful Tanzania. Come away feeling that you can start your veterinary career with confidence!!

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