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India International Training Centre

On average, WVS trains around 500 vets every year, education and sustainability is paramount, therefore WVS staff and veterinary volunteers are training local veterinary staff and local organisations in order to provide them with the knowledge and skills to treat animals.

The India International Training Centre (ITC) was launched in Ooty in Southern India in September 2010.

It was established to provide practical training to Indian vets and local charity workers, promoting best practice techniques in animal welfare. 

Indian vets receive practical surgery experience through ABC programmes that are carried out in areas local to the Training Centre, both improving the skills of Indian vets as well as making a positive difference within the community. The ITC also offers specialist surgery courses throughout the year as well as animal handling courses to local charity workers. 

As well as training, the ITC carries out regular donkey health clinics on working donkeys in the area. Donkeys are a vital part of life in India and are often exposed to unconventional techniques to improve their efficiency by their owners. The WVS ITC team offers free veterinary assistance to the donkeys and provides advice on animal welfare to their owners. To find out more on the use and treatment of donkeys in India, please visit our Donkey Appeal.

The International Training Centre also opens its doors to international students who are coming to the end of their degree and new graduates throughout the year. This provides a unique opportunity to gain all-important surgical experience. Interested in attending a surgical training course? Get in touch with the team on 01725 557225 or apply via the website.


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If you wish to support our work in person, we run volunteer trips worldwide suitable for those with veterinary training as well as non-vets.


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