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Saving donkeys from road traffic accidents

In rural India, donkeys are often fatally injured by cars and lorries at night

will buy a high visability collar for a donkey

A team led by WVS vets Dr. Aswin and Dr Thannamal from the International Training Centre in India and Chris  from the UK office ran a donkey outreach programme in Attappadi to trial high viz neck belts to protect donkeys on the roads.  

Attappadi is situated in an extensive mountain valley at the headwaters of the Bhavani River nestled deep below the Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats. It is around 150kms from Ooty where the ITC India centre is based.

After witnessing first hand the effects of donkeys being hit by vehicles at night, the team wanted to come up with a solution that would help both the donkeys and people at risk of horrific nightime accidents. 

Similar to the fluorescent neck belts worn by the ponies in the New Forest in the UK, a set of neck belts were designed and made to fit Indian donkeys. They have the advantage of being able to slip off should the animal become intangled or caught by the belt.

The trial is proving successful and the plan is to now roll this out to other areas in rural India and to some of our other projects in Africa and beyond. We are working in association and with the valuable support of our partners WTG.

Just £5 can cover the cost of manufacture and placement of a high-visibility collar on a donkey in rural India. Please support our work in making a difference where it can matter most.



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