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Training and Education

Training and education are cornerstones for the sustainability of our projects around the world

WVS runs training courses for vets, para-vets, kennel hands and shelter workers at our International Training Centres (ITC). These courses are 7-12days in length and focus on practical application of best practice techniques. Whilst most of our courses are for vets in developing countries, we do offer surgical training courses for international vets and vet students, believing firmly in the ethos of a united profession championing animal welfare worldwide. Many of our international participants subsequently volunteer with WVS teams in the furture, sharing their idealism and energy in driving forward our projects globally. 

WVS established the first ITC in Ooty in India back in 2010 and opened up a second centre in Chiang Mai in Thailand in September 2015. We also run annually training courses in Nepal and field training camps alongside our bigger projects, the latest being the first ever 2 week surgical training course in Malawi in May 2016 - which had partcipants from not only Malawi but also Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Sri Lanka!!!