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WVS is an international charity providing veterinary aid to charities and animals all over the world. 

From disaster emergency response to training and education, our aim is to provide a fast action veterinary response to charities and animals in need. From operations and sterilisation to vaccinations and veterinary aid parcels, we are helping animals all over the world.

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Veterinary aid is essential for treating animals and this is something that many animal charities and sanctuaries struggle to...

Veterinary Volunteer Placements

Volunteer Placements

WVS assists its associated charities by helping to find volunteers on an ongoing basis to help them provide better care for their animals. Volunteer placements are projects on which WVS is helping to find volunteers on behalf of these animal welfare charities. Usually they are available on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Your application process is dealt with by the WVS team who will also assist you with flight bookings, travel insurance and obtaining veterinary supplies for the charity you will be visiting, but the actual project itself is run by the charity on the ground. They will deal with your arrival and look after you throughout the duration of your stay.

Veterinary Volunteer Projects

WVS Projects

These are projects which are organised and funded by WVS. They are usually run on specific dates throughout the year which are advertised in advance and involve a specific campaign, for example spay/neuter, rabies vaccination or veterinary training. For some of these projects, all or part of your travel costs are usually covered as well as your accommodation and travel throughout the project. WVS works with the charity on the ground to implement the project and provides the necessary veterinary supplies and equipment. WVS Projects also include our Emergency Response teams for which we often require very experienced volunteers who are available to take part on short notice.

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- Luke Gamble, WVS Founder