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Data Collection App

WVS has always used the latest technology to help with our projects. Whether this is new veterinary equipment or interactive educational tools, they have all helped further the goals of our work and provide new technology for our associated charities to start using.

One of the fundamental objectives of all of our projects is to prove that they do make a difference and have a significant impact on the animals and local communities we are helping. To do this, we need data and with over 192,000 animals treated in 2015, that is a lot of data. The solution; design a data collection app to record all WVS work around the world, which can then be used for research

Mission Rabies App:

The Mission Rabies app went live in 2015 and is used on all Mission Rabies projects all over the world. Data is recorded at the time of vaccination and includes a GPS position for each dog. This information is then used by the research team to confirm that we have vaccinated 70% of the local population and also to help guide the vaccination team in to areas that may have been missed.

WVS App:

The WVS app is currently in the trial phase and although based on the Mission Rabies app, has a number of important additions. The app can be used for all animals and all projects, WVS associated charities will be able to use it for their own work and can edit the information that it will record, it will even allow you to take a picture of the animal being surveyed, which will then be uploaded with the data.

Our apps are an exciting addition to the tools we have available for our projects. They provide our teams with vital information to carry out the work and then enable us to prove we are making a massive difference.

If you are a WVS associated charity, please continue to check this page, as full details on the WVS app and how you can use it will be posted here as soon as the app is released.