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Vet Student Trips

WVS runs specific training projects for students and new graduates looking to gain practical experience in the field at our International Training Centres in India and Thailand.

These exciting courses give participants hands on surgical experience whilst supporting a vital Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme in the surrounding towns and villages.

You will learn the importance of humane dog population control and also the best recommended field practices that are relevant for ABC programmes.  This is an amazing opportunity for veterinary graduates and students who are looking to gain more confidence and experience in routine soft tissue surgery as well as those that want to work in developing countries in the future.

Become a member of WVS and you can take advantage of our bespoke travel insurance package that covers you for all of our trips as well as enjoy the many other benefits of becoming a member. Click here for full details or here to sign up now!

Donkey Health and Welfare Course

'Equine Skills and Competency' Camp - Tanzania

Vets, Vet Nurses, Vet Students

Master your 'Day-One' competency skills in equine medicine and surgery whilst experiencing the delights and challenges of a new culture in beautiful Tanzania. Come away feeling that you can start your veterinary career with confidence!!

Surgical Training Courses - Goa 2020

Surgical Training Courses - Goa, India 2020

Vets, Vet Students

We are pleased to announce the 2020 course dates at the Hicks International Training Centre in Goa where we will be offering ABC courses for veterinary students, recent graduates or vets looking to improve their surgical skills. Whether you are looking to enhance your surgical skills or just refresh them, this two week course will provide you with a practically focused experience in Northern Goa.

Working Equine Health and Welfare Training Course Ooty India 2019

Vets, Vet Students

WVS India was established in 2010 to improve animal health and welfare through veterinary skills development, inspiration and advice. Since the establishment, WVS India ITC has become known as a centre of excellence in providing high-quality surgical training courses for veterinarians. WVS India team has also conducted regular street clinics for working equines, especially donkeys, in Southern India and the results of this work clearly shows what a significant improvement the clinics have done for the life of the working donkeys.

Esperanza Verde

Vets, Vet Nurses, Vet Students, Non-Vets

WVS are delighted to be supporting Esperanza Verde, a wildlife rescue centre and conservation project based in Peru within the Amazon jungle. Many animal species fall victim to illegal hunting, either for meat or to be sold into the pet trade. Esperanza Verde rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. Where possible they release animals back into the wild, however sadly this is not possible in all cases. As a result they also provide permanent homes to animals deemed unfit for release. They protect a large area of rainforest and actively look to reforest areas previously lost to farming or logging.

Applications accepted from now but availablity only from MAY 2019

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